Six reasons to try a red or pink door this season

It’s February 14th and we’re in the Valentine’s Day spirit! We’ve been seeing lots of red and pink these days, which got us thinking about just what lovely colours they are! We think these shades are great inside and outside of the house, and that they are especially suitable for front doors. Pleasing to the […]

Exterior trends we’re loving for 2020

2019 is coming to a close, which means it’s time to start looking ahead and making plans for next year. The beginning of the new year will bring plenty of exciting new trends to consider—both inside and  outside of the home. The following post will cover some of our favourite exterior design trends for 2020—and […]

Six beautiful brick homes and why we love them

Bricks were invented thousands of years ago, and although they have evolved throughout the ages, they remain reliable and attractive building materials. Sandtex’s 6 Favourite Brick Home Exteriors We love the regal look of classic brick homes, and the ones listed below are some of our favourites! 1. This house takes the word “grand” to […]

Unique exterior colours to inspire you in 2019

Your exteriors are the first thing that visitors will notice about your home. Therefore, it’s essential that they’re always in top shape. If you want your home to stand out among the rest, painting it an interesting colour is a smart option. But where do you start? The following article will provide colour inspiration for […]

Scandinavian-inspired exteriors for the cooler months

Scandinavian design has long been admired for its minimalism and elegance. What usually distinguishes the Scandinavian style is clean, crisp lines, purposeful design, and a look that’s understated and fashionable. With the cooler weather fast approaching, it’s a great time to take some inspiration from Scandinavian design when it comes to your own exteriors. The […]

Nautical-inspired summer exteriors

Ah yes, summer is here and a trip to the beach is the perfect remedy for a warm afternoon. The blues of the ocean and the majesty of water, sun, and sand is the ideal combination for a fantastic experience. Thankfully, you can bring the magic of the coast to your home with the following […]

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