10 patio ideas for 2021

With the warmer weather here we’ll all be spending more and more time outdoors. Whether your patio is large or small, it can become one of your favourite areas of the house! The following tips will help you create a gorgeous garden abode you’ll love to enjoy as much as possible. Brighten your patio with […]

Designing your ideal patio

With the days getting longer and warmer, we’ll be spending more and more time outdoors. It’s therefore important to have a nice space to enjoy in the open air. There are certain things you can do to help create an ideal patio arrangement, and the following post will provide some useful tips on these. Read […]

Utilising your home’s natural surrounds

Homes come in all shapes and sizes. Whether your home is in the city, the country, or somewhere in between, your home’s surroundings help to make it unique. Wherever your home lies—amidst rolling hills, lush trees, sandy beaches or even a busy city street— you can work with its natural surroundings to help make the […]

Exterior design inspiration from Ireland’s beloved cottages

Ireland, among many other things, is known for its quaint cottages which scatter the towns and countryside. Many of these cottages have been around for centuries and are part of the rich cultural heritage of the Emerald Isle. We love the look of these beloved dwellings, and we’re enchanted by their charm! Here, we’ll cover […]

Six reasons to try a red or pink door this season

It’s February 14th and we’re in the Valentine’s Day spirit! We’ve been seeing lots of red and pink these days, which got us thinking about just what lovely colours they are! We think these shades are great inside and outside of the house, and that they are especially suitable for front doors. Pleasing to the […]

Exterior trends we’re loving for 2020

2019 is coming to a close, which means it’s time to start looking ahead and making plans for next year. The beginning of the new year will bring plenty of exciting new trends to consider—both inside and  outside of the home. The following post will cover some of our favourite exterior design trends for 2020—and […]

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