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Sandtex recognises the importance of prep and maintenance when it comes to your exterior painting projects, which is why we have invested heavily in developing expert products to assist this process.

Maximise projects with our prep and maintenance products below.

Frequently asked questions

Make sure that your work space is protected from any potential paint spillages or marks, along with ensuring all of the equipment you will require is on-hand. Items that you are likely to require include: paint rollers, brushes, roller covers, as well as paint stirrer sticks and a paint tray.

Typically, you can paint over old paint without priming and prepping the surface. However, there are some paints, such as oil based paints, which can't then be painted over latex paints.

Prior to painting exterior walls, you should prep them by using a sanding block or sandpaper to smooth out the walls, along with wiping any dust way with a damp cloth. Ensure that the walls are dried fully before applying any paint.

Wash your walls with warm water and a sponge if necessary, before applying paint or primer. Remember to ensure the walls have fully dried out though.

It could be necessary to sand the exterior before painting if filler has been used for holes, gaps or cracks.

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