Six reasons to try a red or pink door this season

It’s February 14th and we’re in the Valentine’s Day spirit! We’ve been seeing lots of red and pink these days, which got us thinking about just what lovely colours they are! We think these shades are great inside and outside of the house, and that they are especially suitable for front doors. Pleasing to the eye with just the right amount of boldness, a classic red or a pretty pink door may be just what your home needs this season— and beyond! In case you need some persuasion, here are six reasons why.

1. Red is the classic colour of beautiful doors everywhere

It doesn’t get more classic than a red front door! The colour has been used frequently on doors within Ireland and abroad, and with good reason! Adding a flash of red to your entryway will instantly revive your exterior look. Our shade Pillar Box Red is the ideal, mid-toned red.

2. Red looks great with virtually any house colour

Red is universally appealing, looking great with essentially any house colour imaginable! Grey, blue, green, white, yellow, brown— red makes the perfect accompaniment to your exterior walls. In fact, we dare you to find a house colour that red doesn’t look fabulous with…..

3. There are so many shades of red and pink to choose from

Whatever your style or the look you’re hoping to accomplish, you’re bound to find a red or pink shade you like, and one that’ll look perfect on your home. Whether you choose a soft pink that adds a touch of sweetness to your exteriors, or a fiery red that spices up your entryway, you can’t go wrong. 

4. Red and pink look fabulous with accessories

Regardless of the door accessories you choose, red and pink will undoubtedly help them to look even more fabulous! Brass, black, silver, or whatever the colour of your door knocker, letter box, handle, etc, they will be enhanced by a red or pink background. 

5. Red and pink look great with greenery

We love greenery around the entryway- plants, garlands, wreaths, etc, and red and pink will look stunning with any and all of these. In fact, green will perfectly complement your red or pink door, and enhance its colour even more. We highly recommend investing in some outdoor greenery to polish your entryway.

6. A pink door is unique and stylish

There may be plenty of red doors around (and with good reason!) but a pink door isn’t as common, and therefore it makes for a fantastic statement colour. If you’re ready to try something a bit different with your exterior look, plunge into pink!

Create a front door you love with Sandtex

Feeling inspired to rejuvenate your entryway with one of these lovely, Cupid-approved colours? Now’s the perfect time to go for it! For everything you need to create a front door you’ll love, call into your local Sandtex stockist. You can also visit us on the web for more exterior inspiration!

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