Invest in high quality PVCu paint products you can trust, to enable your projects to be of a high quality finish. Longevity and durability are key elements when it comes to painting PVCu – the specialists at Sandtex know that it’s vital paints and primers are developed in a way that ensures the fresh product bonds with the PVCu surface.

Whether you’re painting a PVCu door or window frame, the Sandtex Rapid Dry Plus, 10 Year Exterior and One Coat ranges can be used with an appropriate primer. Our 10 Year Exterior Multi-surface Satin paint can be used directly onto the PVCu surface as it is self-priming and undercoating.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes you can. Make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned before giving a light sanding, clean again and when dry, apply a Sandtex primer. Now you’re ready for the refresh - choose your top coat finish and colour, along with the recommended undercoat for it. Apply one coat of undercoat and then two of your top coat. We’d recommend Sandtex Rapid Dry or 10 Year Exterior Multi-surface Satin to get the job done quicker.

To paint PVC, you must use a paint product that has been specially formulated to be used on plastic surfaces.

Absolutely, just as other surface types require priming before paint application, so does PVC. An ideal option for this is the Sandtex 10 Year Exterior Multi-surface Satin paint as it is self priming and undercoating.

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