Plan well in advance. Measure the area to be painted and budget for all paint required. You may need three colours, one for the walls, a complementary colour for sills and plinths and finally a trim paint for doors, frames and facades. Sandtex products display coverage areas on the back of the pack. Weather conditions can effect application and performance, check the forecast before you commence.

Tools and brushes

Invest in the right tools for the job, spending a little more on better quality products means they last longer and can be reused. You may need a paint scraper, a stiff brush, a putty knife, sandpaper, as well as quality brushes and rollers. Don’t forget that ultra smooth masonry can also be spray applied.

Buy brushes of various sizes to get the perfect finish. Use large brushes where the roller won’t go, then smaller brushes for painting edges and corners neatly. Synthetic bristle brushes are great for using with water based paints as the bristle will not expand when wet. Natural bristle is recommended for oil based paints for a smoother finish and reduced risk of losing bristles.

Exterior walls

Choose your finish before your colour, not all colours may be available in the finish you require. Ultra smooth masonry paint is suitable for most surfaces and covers large flat areas fast. Fine textured masonry is idea for covering imperfections and cracks.


A roller lets you paint large areas in less time. Use short pile for smooth walls, long pile for rough wall or smooth gloss rollers for trim. Always ask your stockist for the right roller for the job at hand, explain your task in detail. You might need a roller extension for exterior walls.

Wood & metal

Use a primer on unpainted or bare surfaces so that it will penetrate and protect the material and make your paint go further. Apply an undercoat to previously painted surfaces to provide smooth and even foundation for the topcoat, giving you a better finish.

Surface preparation

Make sure the surface you are painting has been properly prepared. Remove any flaking, or loose materials with a stiff brush. Power washers are great for cleaning large areas fast. Treat chalky walls with stabilising solution, fill any cracks with masonry filler and treat mould or mildew with fungicidal solution. If you are unsure of anything always ask for advice.

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