Protecting Exterior Surfaces from Winter Elements

With winter here, the dropping temperatures and harsh weather conditions pose a significant challenge to the exterior surfaces of our homes and buildings. From heavy rainfall to snow and hail, the elements can wreak havoc on different materials, leading to damage that can be costly to repair. Preparing and protecting these surfaces is crucial for […]

Frosty Neutrals for a Chic Winter Exterior

Is your home in need of a makeover? Amidst the wide range of choices for your perfect winter palette, frosty neutral colours are elegant options for your exteriors. From blues to greys and lavenders cool greens, to these hues bring a sense of tranquility and timeless elegance. Their understated nature provides the perfect backdrop for […]

Five exterior projects to tackle before winter

As the colder months approach, it’s a good idea to work on fortifying your home’s exterior to withstand the challenges of winter weather. Tackling essential exterior projects not only ensures the safety and protection of your property but also helps prevent potential damage. Here are five key projects to prioritise before the winter sets in. […]

Six things to do for your home before winter ends

January is in full swing, which means that your exteriors are experiencing all the elements that winter brings like snow, wind, rain, and ice. As hard as it may be to believe, spring will arrive soon. While making home improvements during this cold weather may not seem like a good idea, the following tasks are […]

Our favourite holiday-ready entryways and why we love them

We’re in the midst of the holiday season and one of our favourite things to do this time of year is to admire the gorgeous decorations all around us. Adding some festive flair to your home is a quick way to enliven and delight. Below, we share a selection of charming exterior looks that you […]

Your November 2022 exterior checklist

November is here and the holiday season is upon us. These next couple of months may see you hosting family and friends, and it’s the perfect time to ensure your exteriors are in top shape! The following exterior checklist will make sure your exteriors are ready to welcome guests in style and safety! Read on […]

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