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The Sandtex wood paint range is sure to provide long-lasting protection for your wood, as well as allowing you to incorporate splashes of colour to your projects. Discover Satin and Gloss paints in a multitude of vibrant and classic colours, suitable for wooden doors, window frames and more!

Products such as the Sandtex 10 Year Exterior and Rapid Dry Plus are highly suitable for painting and protecting wood, as they allow your creative visions to become a reality.

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Frequently asked questions

To remove paint from wood, you can use natural methods like sanding or a wire brush.

It's crucial to prime raw wood prior to painting it, as it ensures the paint product will bond correctly with the surface material once applied.

For the purpose of painting wood, it's best to use oil or water based paint.

Emulsion can be used as both an undercoat and to paint the wood.

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