Top Exterior Paint Trends for 2024

As we move into 2024, the trends in exterior paint are reflecting a broader shift towards personal expression, sustainability, and harmony with nature. Homeowners are looking beyond the traditional palette to embrace colors that not only enhance the curb appeal of their homes but also resonate with their personal style and the environment. Let’s explore the top exterior paint trends for 2024, which promise to transform homes into stunning statements of style.

Earthy shades: This year, earthy tones and are taking centre stage. Colours such as olive green, terracotta, soft taupe, and warm beige are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to blend seamlessly with natural surroundings. These shades not only pay homage to the natural world but also offer a timeless appeal that complements a variety of architectural styles. Whether your home is modern, traditional, or somewhere in between, earthy tones can add depth and warmth to your exterior.

To get the look, try our shades Olive, Scarecrow and Stone Harbour in our Microseal Smooth formula. Sandtex® Microseal® masonry paint features a breathable, microporous design that safeguards surfaces from water penetration while still allowing moisture to evaporate. This advanced coating not only offers surfaces extended protection against mould and algae but also boasts dirt-resistant qualities to preserve aesthetic appeal. Additionally, it becomes rainproof in just one hour, making it ideal for unpredictable weather conditions. With a durability that’s trusted for up to 15 years, this paint ensures your home maintains its appearance over time.

Pastels: Soft pastels are experiencing a comeback, and this time with a contemporary flair. Gentle hues such as lavender, pale blue, and mint green will refresh the look of your exteriors. These unique colours look especially lovely on homes that get plenty of natural sunlight. Pair with white or grey trim for a polished finish. Ideal for homeowners aiming to blend comfort with style, pastels not only ensure a personalised appearance but also create an ambiance that’s both soothing and welcoming. This modern take on pastel palettes proves that soft colours really can make a bold statement.

Bold accent colours: Bold accent colours for your home’s exterior can dramatically transform its appearance, injecting personality into your home’s overall aesthetic. Whether it’s a striking red for your front door, a deep blue for your shutters, or a vivid green accentuating the trim, these pops of colour create focal points that draw the eye and add character. Such daring choices not only set your home apart from others but also reflect your personal style. When carefully chosen, bold accent colours will complement your main exterior palette, making your house truly stand out.

Moody shades: Dark, moody colours are gaining popularity for both interiors and exteriors and it’s not hard to see why! Shades of charcoal, navy, and forest green provide a striking contrast to natural landscapes and offer a sophisticated appeal. When paired with the right landscaping, these dramatic hues will create an elegant exterior. Try our shades Vermont Grey, Riverbank, Black, and Bitter Chocolate to get the look.

2024’s exterior paint trends are all about embracing colours that reflect individuality and harmony with the natural world. Whatever style you’re drawn to, Sandtex has the formulas you need to make your exterior dreams a reality. Call into your local stockist today to get started on your next exciting paint project!

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