Five Exterior Projects You Can Complete Within One Weekend

Weekends are precious, and if you’re hoping to beautify your exterior this spring, you’ll be looking for projects that are manageable as well as rewarding. Luckily, there are a variety of impactful projects that you can tackle in just a couple of days—or even just a few hours! In the following blog post, we’ll cover […]

Introducing Sandtex 10 Year Exterior Multi-surface Satin Paint

When it comes to exterior paint, you want a solution that combines durability, versatility and ease of application. That’s exactly what Sandtex has achieved with its new formula: 10 Year Exterior Multi-Surface Satin. Designed for homeowners who value both style and function, this innovative product offers a decade of powerful protection across a variety of […]

Bold and Beautiful Exterior Paint Colours for February

A new month brings a new opportunity to refresh and revitalise your home’s exteriors with a splash of colour. Embracing bold and beautiful exterior paint colours will transform your home while reflecting your unique style.  Whether you’re looking to enhance architectural features or simply add personality, the following colours are ones you should consider for […]

Top Exterior Paint Trends for 2024

As we move into 2024, the trends in exterior paint are reflecting a broader shift towards personal expression, sustainability, and harmony with nature. Homeowners are looking beyond the traditional palette to embrace colors that not only enhance the curb appeal of their homes but also resonate with their personal style and the environment. Let’s explore […]

Protecting Exterior Surfaces from Winter Elements

With winter here, the dropping temperatures and harsh weather conditions pose a significant challenge to the exterior surfaces of our homes and buildings. From heavy rainfall to snow and hail, the elements can wreak havoc on different materials, leading to damage that can be costly to repair. Preparing and protecting these surfaces is crucial for […]

Five exterior projects to tackle before winter

As the colder months approach, it’s a good idea to work on fortifying your home’s exterior to withstand the challenges of winter weather. Tackling essential exterior projects not only ensures the safety and protection of your property but also helps prevent potential damage. Here are five key projects to prioritise before the winter sets in. […]

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