Springtime garden essentials

Spring is in the air and we are getting ready for the garden season ahead! With the weather being nicer we will be spending more and more time outside, and we therefore want to make sure that we have the nicest space possible to enjoy. Below you’ll find our springtime garden essentials that will help guarantee an incredible outdoor experience for everyone. Read on to find out more!

Comfortable garden furniture: If you’ll be spending more time outdoors, you’ll have to have a comfy place to sit and relax in the open air! Make sure to invest in some solid garden furniture that will provide the perfect perch and also stand the test of time.

A clean terrace: if you’re one of the many people with a stone or concrete terrace, you’ll want to make sure it’s in top shape for the season ahead. And your walls too! Luckily, our Fungicidal Wash is a ready to use solution for the treatment of organic growth on exterior walls, paths and patios. Kills mould, algae and fungal growth.

Thoughtful landscaping: it’s amazing what some strategic landscaping can do for your garden. Create privacy with tall plants and trees, add lushness with leafy greens, and add colour and brightness with flowers. If you’re opting for potted plants, we recommend adding additional colour with painted planters. Easily rejuvenate your concrete or planters with our masonry paints. 

A source of warmth: Since this is Ireland we can’t always count on the weather. This means that there might be some cooler days or nights spent in the garden, but lower temperatures don’t mean that you can’t enjoy the outdoors! To combat this, we recommend adding a source of warmth such as an outdoor fireplace or fire bowl and/or an outdoor space heater. It’s also always a good idea to have blankets and pillows on hand to keep everyone cosy and happy!

Outdoor lighting: Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean the fun needs to end! Keep the party going with some beautiful illumination. For special ambiance, opt for string lights, lanterns, or tiki torches. There are also plenty of these types of garden lights available at your local garden Centre.


Who’s ready to get outside and make the most of their garden? The above tips will help get you started. For more exterior inspiration, visit our blog or call into your local Sandtex stockist.

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