Garden trends to try before summer’s over

We’re soaking up as much of the fleeting summer weather as we can and spending as much time as possible in our gardens before the cooler months arrive! Just because the summer season is coming to a close doesn’t mean it’s over yet! In fact, there are many ways to enjoy your outdoor space through autumn and beyond.

Here are a few garden trends we suggest you try before summer is over.

1. Growing your own food

There are certain types of edible plants that can thrive year-round, either outdoors or indoors. It’s a fantastic feeling to watch your plants grow and then be able to help nourish you and your family. Research which types of vegetables and herbs are best suited to your specific conditions and get gardening!

2. Interior-type decor outdoors

Who says cosy spaces are reserved for indoors? Bring the comfort of your interior spaces to your exteriors by designing a garden oasis that features items such as plush sofas and chairs, soft rugs, warm blankets, luxurious cushions. A great example of this is Crown Style Guide Cathy, who created a gorgeous garden oasis (pictured above) with some colourful palette sofas and soft furnishings. Cathy used Sandtex Eggshell X-tra mixed in Crown Paints MoodBoards shades Brandy Wine (for the seating) and Flaxmill (for the table). Crown’s MoodBoards collection was developed in association with House and Home and each shade can be mixed for you at your local Sandtex stockist to whichever finish you’d like, allowing for complete customisation.


3. Hanging plants

Add interest to your garden with hanging baskets of plants or flowers. This will help your garden space look put-together as well as stylish. This is also a great way to add more colour to your garden—you can find planters in plenty of shades from your local home store, or you can paint your own.

4. Front-of-house landscaping

The magic of a garden shouldn’t be reserved for the back of the house! The front of your home is a fantastic place to create a considered garden space. Adding elements such as flowers, foliage, trees, and bushes will help to enliven the whole look of your home and make for a stunning first impression on anyone who visits.

5. Achieve a natural look with paint

Gardens are all about incorporating the natural world into your home space. To help further the feeling of peace and solitude within your garden, we recommend painting exteriors surrounding the garden with mother-natured inspired colours. Greens and browns work especially well for this, and you can get our formulas mixed in virtually any shade imaginable! With our Colourmix service, you can enjoy a completely customised colour.

Ready for a gorgeous and on-trend garden you can enjoy throughout the year? The ideas above are a great place to start! Call or visit your local Crown Decorating Centre for all of your exterior needs.


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