Summer Maintenance Tips for your Exterior Paint Job

With the summer here and the temperatures getting warmer, it’s important to take measures in order to protect your home’s exterior paint. A well-maintained paint job will enhance the look of your home while protecting it against the elements for years and years to come. Below, we’ll share our favourite summer maintenance tips to help ensure your paint looks beautiful this season, and beyond!

Protect your exteriors from the elements with a high quality paint: First thing’s first: you need a strong and resilient foundation in order to make it as simple as possible to keep your exteriors protected and maintained. When choosing paint for your exteriors, look for a  high quality formula that will shield your home from the elements that you’ll be encountering all year round. From ice and snow in the wintertime to sun and heat in summer, you’ll want a multi-tasking formulation that is as tough and resilient as the weather is harsh. Sandtex® Microseal® masonry paint is microporous and provides sealing attributes that protect the coating against water ingress. This means that the coating allows the surface to breathe and moisture to evaporate whilst at the same time protecting the coated surface from water penetration. The advanced coating protects over an extended period against mould and algae growth.

Inspect your exteriors and repair/clean them as needed: It’s important to pay attention to the exteriors of your home, just as you would your interiors. We recommend a monthly inspection of exterior surfaces to check for any signs of cracking, peeling, or blistering so that you can deal with the issues as soon as possible, thus preventing further damage. Our ready mixed masonry filler is ideal for outdoor repairs to brick, render, or stone. We also suggest a cleaning of your exteriors as needed in order to get rid of dirt and any other dust or debris.

Trim overhanging or unruly vegetation: Overgrown trees and branches can be detrimental for your exterior paint job. Contact with these elements can create scrapes and damages to the paint, as well as bring dirt and debris. Regularly trim your surrounding vegetation and make sure its kept at a distance from your paint to prevent wear and tear. Additionally, make sure to take the time to remove vegetation such as leaves, vines, and moss that can cling to surfaces, trapping moisture and leading to mould or rot.

Do what you can to reduce excess moisture on your paint job: Excessive moisture can have a big impact on how your exterior paint job ages and can even cause your exterior walls to peel or bubble. To help minimise the impact of the famous Irish moisture, monitor areas that are prone to moisture buildup and make adjustments as needed. Clean and maintain your gutters and make sure water isn’t overflowing onto your painted surfaces. Divert water away from your home wherever possible.


When in doubt, turn to the experts: While most of your paint job (provided you have the right foundation) will look after itself, if you run into any issues or have questions about your exteriors, contact your local Sandtex stockist to talk to the professionals. Those at your local Sandtex stockist have the expertise to help you maintain your paint job throughout its lifespan, ensuring its longevity and protecting your investment. Our representatives can help you identify underlying issues, apply find necessary treatments, and recommend professional-grade products to keep your exteriors pristine.


Ready for strong and beautiful exteriors? By following the above summer maintenance tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your stunning paint job for years to come. Visit your local Sandtex stockist for more tips and tricks to get your exteriors in top shape.

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