Creative Ways to Use Exterior Paint in your Outdoor Design

When it comes to your exteriors, the impact of exterior paint should never be underestimated. Beyond simply protecting your surfaces from the various elements, paint can add personality, style, and a sense of individuality to your outdoor space. Below, we cover some of our top ways to use paint throughout your exteriors.

1. Refresh your outdoor furniture: Old furniture can be given a new lease on life with a simple paint job. Why not paint your favourite furniture items a fun new colour? Depending on which shade you choose, you can completely transform the look of your garden. Our range of advanced technology wood paint provide the ultimate endurance for all exterior wood. Available in both Satin and Gloss finishes, these durable paints come in a variety of colours off the shelf, or can be custom mixed to the shade of your choosing via our Colourmix surface.

2. Paint your shed strategically: Your shed is a perfect place to express your personal style. You can go bold with bright shed to create a feature in your garden, or you can paint your shed in a complementary colour to your house or surrounds, helping the shed to blend in and extending your style throughout the exterior. Sadolin Ireland makes a variety of specialty wood paints that are suitable for sheds, or you can always use our wood paints to create a look that really wows.

3. Embrace colourful planters and pots: Take your gardening game to the next level by giving your planters and pots a fresh coat of paint. This also makes for a wonderful weekend activity to enjoy with family or friends. Opt for vibrant colours to make a statement, or choose an understated palette to beautifully blend with the surrounding environment. Painting planters/pots is also a great way to bring out the colours of plants and flowers. Taking this small yet impactful step in your garden space will help your exteriors look considered and cohesive.

4. Paint a patterned pathway: Who wants a plain concrete pathway when you could have something fabulous? If you’re in the mood to try something different from the norm, we suggest using stencils and some exterior paint to create eye-catching patterns throughout your garden walkways. Fun shapes, florals, fauna, or geometric designs are great options to add a dose of whimsy and fun to your landscape.

5. Create a mural masterpiece: Let your creativity run wild and paint your own outdoor masterpiece that will enliven your garden and add interest to your exteriors. Making a mural for your garden can be a very exciting project that will infuse your outdoor space with beauty and personality. A mural will also allow you to blend art with nature, resulting in an enchanting and spectacular sight to enjoy year-round. When it comes to the specific design, the possibilities are endless. Whether it’s a whimsical scene of fluttering butterflies and blooming flowers, a serene landscape that transports you to a distant paradise, or something that’s entirely unique to you– your mural is bound to become a beloved focal point of the garden. Luckily, our range of exterior masonry paint is ideal for creating a long-lasting mural with the gorgeous finish of your choice.

6. Don’t forget the trim and accents: Trim can often be overlooked, but the small surface area can have a mighty impact on the overall look of your home and other outdoor structures. Choose a complementary trim colour to blend in with the hues of your walls or make your home pop with a contrasting shade or even a design on your trim. Just like everything else, there are no rules except to use a great quality trim paint to ensure all your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

7. Say hello to whimsical signage: Create custom signs to add a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space. Whether it’s a welcome sign at the entrance, a directional sign in the garden, or a playful sign on your shed, exterior paint can be used to make these signs pop and enhance the overall charm of your outdoor design.

Exterior paintcan elevate your outdoor design to new heights. There are countless creative ways to use exterior paint to transform your outdoor space. As always, we recommend embracing your creativity, experimenting with colours and patterns, and injecting your outdoor areas with personality and style. For everything you need to get started, call into your local Sandtex stockist today!

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