Mediterranean Moments

When it comes to colour, one solution won’t suit all gardens, but Sandtex’s extensive range of colours will brighten any outdoor spaces.

How to approach colour in your garden

“Think of the backdrop colour in an art gallery; it’s always carefully considered to accentuate the artwork and the paintings on display. Paint within a garden environment should be considered in the same way.

Consider the colours that already appear naturally in the space, as this will form the foundation of your colour palette. The majority of colour already there will derive from flora and will most definitely include tones of greens along with strong shades of pinks, reds and blazing oranges. To highlight and accentuate these, consider using contrasting tones which will enhance the intensity of the natural hues. The often rich, warm colour of the flowers will be enhanced if they’re places against a cool coloured background. We’re not talking bright blues or greens, but much more subtle and contemporary colours of off greys with either green or blue undertones. Colours for consideration from Sandtex are Seclusion, Gentle Blue or Vermont Grey. These type of hues act to complement the various types of foliage too.”

Matthew Brown, Sandtex Technical Consultant.

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