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If you are looking for help and advice to get started on your projects, our video guides below will give you a hand to start tackling those exterior jobs.

Introduction to an exterior makeover

When decorating exteriors it is important to plan the project to ensure that you achieve the best results, let us show you how.

Choosing masonry paint and colours

6 Ways To Protect Your Home 4 Important Questions Step-by-Step How To Videos FAQs

Repairing fine cracks and holes

For an easy solution to repairing fine cracks and holes to achieve a perfect finish, let us show you how to do it.

Treating unstable surfaces

Stabilising an exterior wall allows good adhesion of the masonry paint and also allows the paint to go further, let us show you how to treat unstable surfaces.

Applying masonry paint

Before applying masonry paint, make sure you plan your order of painting to help you achieve the perfect finish. Make sure you choose the appropriate applicator for the job as this will help you get the job done with the minimum of effort and time.

Preparing and painting windows

Useful hints and tips on how to prepare, prime and gloss paint an external window.

Painting a panelled door

If you follow these simple step by step instructions to painting a panelled door, you will save time and achieve the best results.

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