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Maintaining Exterior Surfaces in Winter

Winter conditions, particularly in areas with severe weather, can be tough on a home’s exterior. Snow and ice accumulation can cause structural damage, while fluctuating temperatures can lead to cracks and splits in various materials. The following is a guide to help you maintain your exterior surfaces during the cold months, ensuring they stay in […]

8 things to do for your home before winter ends

The holidays are over and winter is in full swing, bringing the harsh elements like rain, wind, snow, and ice with it. While making some home improvements in this weather may be the last thing on your mind, there are some tasks we highly recommend completing this season to help make sure your home is […]

Our favourite tips for holiday-ready exteriors

The Christmas season is in full swing and we’re enjoying looking at all the beautiful decorations this time of the year brings. From well-dressed windows to dapper doorways, Christmastime offers the perfect excuse to add some fun to your exteriors. We’ve put together a list of our expert recommendations for creating holiday-ready exteriors that will […]

Winter Woodcare

Cold weather can take its toll on the outdoor space, enveloping sheds, fences, front doors and furniture in snow and rain. Sadolin’s range of wood stains and Sandtex’s collection of outdoor paints offer long-lasting protection against the elements, ensuring all exterior items look fresh year after year. Top tips on how to get the garden […]

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