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Introducing our new Multi-Surface Trim Paint

Looking for an exterior paint trim that combines long-lasting wear, ease of application, and style? Look no further than our new 10 Year Exterior Multi-Surface Satin Paint. Specially engineered for those who want an elegant yet hard-wearing finish, this revolutionary formula guarantees a decade of defence for an array of exterior surfaces.  In the following […]

New Year, New look: Exterior paint inspiration for 2024

With the beginning of a new year, you may find yourself inspired to refresh your surroundings and embrace new beginnings. And what better way to transform the look and feel of your home than by focusing on your exteriors? A fresh coat of paint will rejuvenate your home and give you a fantastic new look […]

Maintaining Exterior Surfaces in Winter

Winter conditions, particularly in areas with severe weather, can be tough on a home’s exterior. Snow and ice accumulation can cause structural damage, while fluctuating temperatures can lead to cracks and splits in various materials. The following is a guide to help you maintain your exterior surfaces during the cold months, ensuring they stay in […]

Best Practices for Winter-Ready Exterior Painting

Winter introduces some specific challenges for outdoor painting, including low temperatures and erratic weather. However, with thoughtful preparation and careful execution, it’s entirely possible to complete an exterior paint job that resists the usual pitfalls of winter. In the following blog, we’ll explore our top tips for any winter paint job. Pick the right time: […]

Seasonal Maintenance: Preparing and Protecting Your Home

Each season brings its unique challenges for your home. As season’s change, so to do the needs of your exteriors. The year-round cycle changing temperatures and evolving elements can take a toll on your home, leading to wear and tear. Whether it’s a season of sun, rain, wind, or snow, painting your exterior offers vital […]

The Power of Preparation: Key Steps for a Successful Exterior Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint has the power to completely transform the exterior of any home, offering aesthetic appeal as well as protection. The key to an exceptional exterior paint job lies not only in your choice of paint colour but—crucially—in the steps you take to prepare for it. Proper prep ensures that your paint […]

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