Seasonal Maintenance: Preparing and Protecting Your Home

Each season brings its unique challenges for your home. As season’s change, so to do the needs of your exteriors. The year-round cycle changing temperatures and evolving elements can take a toll on your home, leading to wear and tear. Whether it’s a season of sun, rain, wind, or snow, painting your exterior offers vital protection for your home. In the following blog post, we explore how you can ensure your home withstands the elements, whatever they may be, and maintains its beauty year-round.

Winter: During winter, maintaining clear and grime-free walkways around your home is crucial for safety and accessibility. Be sure to regularly shovel snow and apply de-icing products to prevent ice build-up, ensuring paths are safe to walk on. You should also double check that your home’s pathways are well-lit to enhance visibility during the shorter days, making navigation around your property safer for everyone. Replace lightbulbs as needed, or install lighting solutions to areas that might need further illumination. Winter can also be the perfect season for planning your colour schemes, researching durable paints, and scheduling professional painting services in advance.

Spring: The spring season is the ideal time to assess your exteriors and prepare for what the upcoming season has in store. As the days become longer and the weather warms, inspect your exteriors for any signs of damage. Look for things such as cracking, peeling, or fading paint, which are indicators that your home needs attention. If these issues aren’t handled promptly they can turn into much larger problems. Our Ready Mixed Masonry Filler is a useful product to have on hand. Ideal for outdoor repairs, this easy-to-use product seamlessly fills fine cracks and holes in brick, render, stone, and most other building materials before painting. Give your home a good spring cleaning as well, getting rid of any mould or mildew that has accumulated.

Summer: Summer usually offers the best conditions for painting, all things considered, with longer daylight hours and less rainfall on average. Choose paints with high UV resistance to protect your home from the sun, but also be sure to take into account the seasonal weather conditions of where you’re located so you know what other protections you need to prioritise. For those of us in the UK, this means choosing a paint that can withstand the frequent precipitation. Sandtex® Microseal® masonry paint features a microporous design that seals surfaces against water ingress while allowing them to breathe and moisture to evaporate, ensuring protection from water penetration. Additionally, its advanced coating offers long-term defense against mould and algae growth. Its resistance to dirt helps keep the coating looking fresh, while the quick-drying formula ensures it’s rainproof in just one hour, making it ideal for use in uncertain weather. With a durability that’s trusted for up to 15 years, this paint guarantees a long-lasting improvement to your home’s exterior.

Autumn:  With temperatures dropping, focus on sealing and insulating your home—you’ll be glad you did when winter comes. Caulking and sealing gaps will prevent cold air from entering and warm air from escaping, improving energy efficiency and making sure you and your loved ones remain as cosy as possible on those chilly nights! If you’re living in a particularly cool climate, consider using paints with insulating properties or additives that can help further insulate your home from the cold, preparing it for the winter months ahead.

By understanding the specific challenges each season presents and taking proactive steps to address them, you can ensure your home remains beautiful and well-protected year-round. For everything you need to maintain your home, whatever the season may be, call into your local Sandtex stockist! Our friendly experts are ready to help you ensure your home is ready to take on whatever Mother Nature has instore!


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