8 things to do for your home before winter ends

The holidays are over and winter is in full swing, bringing the harsh elements like rain, wind, snow, and ice with it. While making some home improvements in this weather may be the last thing on your mind, there are some tasks we highly recommend completing this season to help make sure your home is prepared for all that spring 2023 may have in store.

Read on to find out our top eight things to do for your home before this season concludes.

1. Clean your windows: Over the past few months it’s likely that dirt and debris have made their way to your windows. Windows will be getting plenty of use in the spring and summer months, so it’s essential that they’re given a thorough cleaning. Our PVCu Cleaner is an excellent option for getting even the toughest grime off of your PVCu finishes for a restored shine.

2. Check for and repair any winter damage: You’re probably not spending as much time outdoors during the winter season, which means it’s easy for damage to your home to go undetected for long periods of time. It’s therefore now especially important to examine your exteriors and make any repairs necessary. For fine cracks and holes, our Ready Mixed Masonry Filler is ideal for outdoor repairs to brick, render, stone and most other building materials.

3. Clear up the garden: Stray branches and leaves have a tendency to find their way to the garden over the winter months, potentially impacting the growth of grass and other plant life as well as increasing the risk of slips and trips. Over the next month or two, spend some time removing these outliers and creating a garden space that’s healthy and ready to welcome all the liveliness of spring.

4. Prep your grill: Now’s a good time to scrape away rust spots that may have formed over the winter months and clean the inside and outside of your grill so that it’s ready to use come the warmer spring weather. Who doesn’t love a good BBQ?

5. Wipe down garden furniture and make any repairs: Whether it’s been outside all winter or tucked away in storage, your garden furniture has likely accumulated dust and debris from lack of use. Take a damp cloth and clear the cobwebs and the dirt, gently cleaning the area so that it’s ready to be used.

6. Treat pathways and patios: The stone surfaces around your home can be breeding grounds for mould, algae, and fungal growth. To eradicate these issues and stop them from become larger problems, we recommend regular treatments of our Fungicidal Wash. This ready-to-use solution is expertly formulated for the treatment of organic growth on exterior walls, paths and patios.

7. Organise your shed: Having a tidy shed will make it fast and easy to always find the tools you’re looking for. Chances are your shed will be getting plenty of use when the warmer seasons arrive, and having an organised space will help with efficiency and productivity.

8. Polish your hardware: From door knockers and handles to mail slots and house numbers, there is plenty of hardware on your home. Polishing these accessories takes no time at all, and will give your exteriors a rejuvenated appearance.

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