Summer-ready exteriors with Sandtex Masonry Paint

Painting your exteriors is an exciting process in any homeowner’s life. A fresh coat of paint in a beautiful colour will immediately revitalise the look of your home and make your exteriors look polished and put together. Sandtex’s wide range of products will ensure your home is always protected and looking beautiful. From our prep and maintenance products to our wood and metal and masonry paints—if it’s outside, we’ve got it covered.

At the core of our range is our Microseal® Masonry paint, and it’s not hard to see why. Below, we’ll reveal just what makes our Microseal® technology so special, and how you can use this revolutionary formula for the best results.

Microseal Smooth Masonry Paint- Light Cream

What is Microseal® technology?

Microseal® is our unique paint technology which allows masonry surfaces to breathe whilst at the same time protecting the coated surface from water penetration. The microporous properties importantly allow moisture to evaporate,. (this is the important bit!) so the paint resists peeling, flaking and cracking, meaning it will not only protect the surface from weathering, it will also look fantastic for longer – up to fifteen years in fact!


Microseal Smooth Masonry Paint- Brick Red

What other features does Microseal® Masonry Paint have?

Our Microseal® paint, in addition to being breathable to resist peeling and flaking, also shields against mould and algae growth to provide dirt resistant protection all year round. Did we mention that this product is rainproof in just one hour? That’s right—Microseal® Smooth Masonry paint is perfect for use in the unpredictable UK weather.


Microseal Smooth Masonry Paint – Terracotta

What colours does Microseal® Masonry paint come in?

Available off the shelf in 36 stunning shades, your exteriors have never been tougher or looked better. Choose from soft and sophisticated neutrals like Chalk Hill or Sandstone, or go deeper and darker with our Slate Grey or Bitter Chocolate shades. For more unique, vibrant hues, be sure to check out our Olive and Terracotta shades or if pastels are your bag, why not try Somerset Pink or Morning Sky. Our wide colour selection means you can embrace your personal style and let your imagination run wild!

Not sure which shade to choose? We recommend buying some of our tester pots at your local Sandtex stockist to help you decide. How the colour appears will change in different lights, so be sure to look at your sampling throughout the day to make sure it’s an ideal fit.


Microseal Smooth Masonry Paint- Bitter Chocolate

How do I apply Microseal Smooth Masonry Paint?

Once you have decided on the shade you’ll be using and you have the right amount of paint you’ll need for the job, you’re ready to get down to business.

First, prepare your walls for painting. Remove any loose, flaky material with a scraper or stiff bristle brush. and use.

TOP TIP: NEVER use a wire brush to remove flaky paint – metal particles from the brush can become embedded on the surface which then react with waiter, creating unsightly rust spots.

Use a flexible filling knife to apply our Ready Mixed Masonry Filler to fill any hairline cracks to your walls, and for deeper cracks, build up the filler in stages. Follow the instructions on the filler container, which will advise on drying times (usually 2-3 hours) as well as any other things to keep in mind.

Treat any mould or algae growth with our Fungicidal Wash and then if you have an unstable surface with dusty walls, you’ll need to deal with this using our Sandtex Quick Dry Stabilising Solution.The Stabilising Solution will act as a glue to hold the particles of your wall firmly together and allow for a smooth and long lasting paint job. Once your application dries (around 4 hours) the surface will be ready to coat with paint. You can think of this as a primer for your exterior walls.

Now, it’s time to start painting. Microseal Smooth Masonry paint can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Cut in around all the corners and edges with a small brush and use a larger brush to cover the larger surface areas. A roller works well for larger areas, and an extension pole can easily be attached for harder to reach places. For higher sections around the home, a scaffolding platform will allow you to work safely, and these can be hired from your local hiring stations.

Ready to get your exterior walls looking fabulous for years to come? Look no further than Sandtex Smooth Masonry paint. Shop our Masonry Paint online now or call into your local stockist to get started!

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