Exterior colours we’re embracing this year

A new year welcomes new trends for both interiors and exteriors. A fresh coat of paint is a simple and powerful way to enhance your walls and transform the entire look of your home. If you’re planning on updating your exteriors this year, now is the perfect time to explore your options and consider which shades you may wish to use. Sandtex Microseal Smooth Masonry Paint is a smooth and creamy formulation that is breathable, dirt resistant, and weatherproof, making it the perfect product for your exterior walls.

Below, we discuss some of our favourite exterior colours for 2023 from our Microseal Smooth Masonry range.


Somerset Pink & Morning Sky paired with Cotton Belt for balance

Joyful pops of colour: This year, we’re embracing bright, happy colours both inside and outside the home. From soft pastel tones to bolder candy-hued shades, this trend is all about expressing yourself through colour and having fun while doing so!


Sandtex Smooth Masonry- Bitter Chocolate

Earthy neutrals: We have seen earth tones rise in popularity and be embraced throughout the home, and your exteriors will also benefit from these special shades. Colours that take inspiration from the world around us such as clay, stone and soil will combine seamlessly with the outdoor environment and lead to a gorgeous natural look for your home. We recommend our shades Dark Stone, Mid Stone, and Bitter Chocolate.


Charcoals: A rich charcoal shade is a modern classic and this colour continues to be among our favourites for 2023. Charcoal is extremely versatile and will give your home a sleek and sophisticated look. This colour pairs well with so many any others, so there are endless options when it comes to finding a harmonious wood and metal paint for your windows and doors. We especially love a bright red door with charcoal walls and crisp white trim. Try our shades Slate Grey or Vermont Grey to get the look.


Sandtex Smooth Masonry – Cornish Cream

Warm creams: Instead of opting for plain white, we encourage you to try a warm cream. This colour will give you all the benefits of a white— the versatility, the timelessness— but offers more depth and dimension. Creams work well with virtually any colour trim, so they’re the perfect foundation from which to build your ideal look. Our shades Ivory Stone, Cornish Cream, Oatmeal, and Light Cream are all fantastic options to achieve this style.


Olives: Olive shades gained popularity in the 18th century and are still beloved today. This yellow-green colour is vibrant and complex, earthy and elegant. It will combine harmoniously with your home’s surrounds, making it an ideal choice for your exterior walls. Pair olive with black trim for a modern look, or use colours such as brown or navy to complement the green hue and make it pop.


Sandtex Smooth Masonry – Terracotta

Terracotta: This burnt-red shade will call to mind Tuscan villas in the summertime and sun-baked earth. A warm brown that is always in style, terracotta is an exceptional accompaniment to green, which means it will blend beautifully with the British wilderness. We suggest the colours Brick Red and Terracotta in our Smooth Masonry formulation.


Isn’t it time to elevate your home? Sandtex has everything you need for healthy, beautiful exteriors that will be protected from the elements for years to come. Find your nearest Sandtex stockist here to explore the range.

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