Seven summer door colours that work great year-round

Your front door serves as the entryway to your home and, as such, it is usually the first impression people will have of it. It’s important that your door be as welcoming as possible and part of this is making sure it’s painted a lovely colour and is properly maintained.

The warmer months offer the perfect opportunity to paint your exteriors, and your doorway is no exception. If you’re searching for a great door colour that will look excellent during the summer and beyond, the following options are a good place to start.

1. Yellow

yellow is a happy, buoyant colour reminiscent of the sun. A sunshine yellow door will inject your home with some cheerful colour that will keep you smiling year-round.

2. Green

Green is certainly one of the colours of the moment and a green front door will give your home a dose of freshness. Green will also complement the surrounding environment. We love the minty green above! Sandtex gloss and satin can be mixed in your colour of choice using out colourmixing system!

3. Blue

Reminiscent of the deep ocean waves rolling into shore, a beautiful blue door will give your entryway a serene sophistication. We recommend pairing this colour with crisp white trim for a coastal look. Our shade Oxford Blue is a great option for this look.

4. Red

A classic red is always a great option if you’re unsure what colour to go with. A red door is timeless. Try our shade pillar box red for a luxurious look.

5. Black

While Black may not be the first colour that comes to mind when you think of summer shades, it looks very stylish and chic when done right plus it goes with essentially any house colour. To keep things from looking too dark, make sure it’s paired with lighter shades.

6. Grey

Grey will give your door a very clean look which will help your entryway look polished and put together. There are plenty of greys to choose from— from lights to dark— so look for one that suits the surrounds well.

7. Pink

If you’re searching for a door colour that’s playful and delightful, pink may be just the ticket! A pink door is always unique and will tie in beautifully with greens and blossoms in the summer months, and add a pop of much-needed colour in the grey months. And don’t forget: Sandtex gloss and satin paint can be mixed in your colour of choice using out Colourmixing system.

Rejuvenate your entryway with Sandtex

If you’re ready to get your entryway in top shape, consider a fresh coat of paint in one of the beautiful colours above.

For PVC doors, take a look at our range of PVC paints.

For Wood frames, Sandtex also specialise in a range of outdoor wood paints.

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