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What am I painting?

Walls, Wood, Metal or PVC-u?

  • Ultra Smooth and Fine Textured masonry for exterior walls.
  • Brickwork Waterproofer and Protector, brickwork and render where a clear coat is required.
  • 10 Year Gloss and Satin for exterior wood on metal. Prime with 10 Year Primer Undercoat.
  • PVC-u Primer with a top coat of 10 Year Gloss or Satin.

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Which colour?

  • Consider a masonry colour for your main wall areas and a complementary masonry colour for sills and plinths.
  • Choose a complementary or bold accent colour for doors and windows.
  • Use bright colours in enclosed space for a feeling of intimacy.
  • Be inspired by your surrounding and use colours that tone with the environment.
  • Light colours make a detached home look bigger, warm colour reduce size.
  • Sunny aspects can take cool colours, north facing houses require warmer tones.
  • Isolated houses and busy terraces carry bold colours.
  • Semi-detached houses should complement one another.

Which Finish?

Ultra Smooth Masonry: Covers large flat areas fast.

Fine Textured Masonry: Conceals hairline cracks and imperfections.

10 Year Gloss: Tough, mirror shine and crack resistant on wood and metal. Use with PVC-u Primer when painting PVC.

10 Year Satin: Tough, low sheen and crack resistant on wood and metal. Use with PVC-u primer when painting PVC.

How much do I need?

Ultra Smooth Masonry:

Will cover 12-16m2 per litre.

Fine Textured Masonry:

Will cover 3-6.5m2 per litre.

Rapid Dry Plus, High Gloss, Soft Satin & Primer:

Will cover 11m2 per 750ml.

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