Exterior inspiration from homes around the world

When it comes to finding inspiration for your exteriors, there are so many places to look and so many things to see! It can be a daunting task, and you may be left asking yourself: where do I even start? Luckily for you, we’ve searched high and low so you don’t have to. The following is a summary of some of the stunning exterior inspiration we love from around the globe.


Beautiful Moroccan Tile work: The popularity of tile design in Morocco is evident whenever looking at gorgeous Moroccan homes— both inside and out. When it comes to the exteriors specifically, we love how Moroccan design uses tiles to create colourful and interesting patterns on floors and walls. Why not incorporate this look into your own exterior by tiling a patio or pathway in your garden or making a tiled design on your garden walls?

Crisp colour combinations from the Cyclades: When you think of the Greek islands, chances are the white and blue coloured buildings come to mind. These blue and white stucco towns look so beautiful overlooking the sea, and have long been one of the reasons that so many holidaymakers flock to the islands year after year. Like the stunning blue sea surrounding their islands, the blue tops of their whitewashed homes make a statement and the look is a lesson in colour contrast. Take inspiration from this look when it comes to your own exteriors, and opt for a colour combination that will really pop. With our Colourmix service, you can choose from up to 30,000 shades to have mixed to your desired Sandtex formulation, so the possibilities are endless!

Landscaping ideas from Tuscan Villas: Tuscan landscaping has charmed people around the world, and with good reason. This fairytale-like style is one that mixes some structured shapes with organic plants and elements, resulting in something magical. The Spruce describes it perfectly, saying “Tuscan landscaping is considered some of the most beautiful and distinctive in the world. This style combines formal garden design elements with a rustic sensibility and warm Mediterranean aesthetic. While grand formal gardens are seen throughout Europe, Italian gardens are unique for their emphasis on fruits and herbs integrated into the plantings, whether in pots, beds or along stone walls, or, famously, in grape arbors, a staple in Italian garden design.” Get the look in your own garden with terracotta elements, potted trees and plants, an herb garden, classic statues, and stylised hedges.

Embracing the natural like French countryside homes: Classic French countryside homes are among the most beautiful in the world. Often characterized by their natural stone patios, wrought iron elements and lush, overgrown gardens, these European treasures are truly a sight to behold. Another characteristic of these gorgeous homes is often the Ivy you’ll find growing naturally up their walls— a look we love.  If you’re in the mood for some French flair in your exteriors, we suggest planting plenty of florals and having flowers in pots around your garden, as well as letting your greenery grow organically and lush. Also be sure to get your stone patio looking great with our Fungicidal Wash.


Feeling inspired? Call into your local Sandtex stockist for everything you need to rejuvenate your exteriors. You can also visit our blog for more ideas.

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