This checklist will make painting your exteriors a breeze

Painting your exteriors may seem like a daunting task, but in reality it’s actually quite simple- so long as you’re prepared. As with most things, planning ahead will help ensure a seamless process. To assist you along the way, we’ve asked our experts to develop the following checklist for anyone who’s painting (or considering painting) their home. Below is what you’ll need for the smoothest possible painting experience.

A clean slate

Before beginning to paint, you’ll need to ensure your exteriors are properly prepared and cleaned. Your new coat of paint needs a well prepped surface to adhere to, so all loose or flaking material and built up dirt should be removed. We recommend using a pressure washer for this task, ensuring to carefully cover the entirety of what will be your “base.” Make sure to treat any trace of mould or algae with fungicide, as failure to do so will cause serious problems later.  If the wall surface is chalky or powdery to the touch, treat with stabilising solution.  You’ll find more advice at

The tools of the trade

In order to actually complete the procedure, you’ll need to have the proper instruments at the ready. Use a scraper or brush for filling (see below) and a brush when using the stabilising solution. Painter’s tape will help you create defined lines around trim and any other necessary areas. Rollers will allow you to cover the greatest area in the shortest amount of time, while brushes should be used for areas requiring greater precision. It’s always wise to have a few different sized brushes at the ready. A paint tray will effectively hold the product for rollers and brushes. A ladder will be necessary for higher areas. Also, be sure to wear clothes that can get dirty and won’t get in the way, and proper footwear (close-toed, sturdy, good traction).

This checklist will make painting your exteriors a breeze


A repaired foundation

Cracks, holes, and any other damages should be filled/fixed accordingly. A ready-mixed masonry filler is ideal for brick, render, stone, and most other materials, and couldn’t be easier to use. For chalking or weathered surfaces, use a stabilising solution to ensure paint will adhere and last.

Quality paint in the perfect colour

To get the most from your paint job, use a multitasking paint from a trusted brand. Sandtex’s masonry paints are dirt resistant, breathable and waterproof, and use “microseal” technology to help ensure the best, longest-lasting results. When it comes to exterior trim, be sure to prime accordingly and complete with a long-lasting finish.

Protection from the elements

Finish the job by helping to ensure the longevity of your efforts. A masonry waterproofer and protector will shield porous surfaces from the elements, keeping your home safe and secure.

A dry forecast

Though no one can predict the weather with complete certainty, it’s always a good idea to check the forecast before you begin painting. A dry week (or at least a good few dry days) means you’ll have time to complete the painting process and let your paint dry.

If you follow the above checklist, you’ll have beautifully painted exteriors in no time! This season is the ideal time for home improvements, so what are you waiting for? Call into your local Sandtex stockist or visit us on the web for more information and inspiration.

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