Five things that leave your exteriors susceptible to damage

We all want a home that is strong, beautiful, and—most importantly—will shelter our loved ones and us as effectively as possible (and for as long as possible!). Unfortunately, sometimes life has another scenario in mind, and the elements do their best to erode our homes. However, smart choices and quick action can help exteriors stay resilient throughout the years.

The following post covers five surprising things that can damage your home, and provides expert advice on how to ensure your exteriors aren’t susceptible to unnecessary damage.

1. Unruly tree branches

Though trees are an attractive addition to any garden, close-hanging branches can scratch and scrape your exteriors. Depending on the size and force of the branches, windows can be broken, paint chipped away, and areas of brick or stone left shattered. The best way to prevent this from happening is to keep trees properly trimmed and not in direct contact with your house. Any damage that has been done should be speedily repaired so it doesn’t expand into a larger problem.

2. Moisture

It’s Ireland: we are blessed and cursed with a large amount of rainfall each year, so moisture is unavoidable (no matter how badly we wanted the perfect Bank Holiday BBQ). Your home’s exteriors will bear the brunt of storms and lashings, and leaving it vulnerable means you’re bound to experience the adverse effects. Rotting, chipping and structural damage are just a few of the plethora of issues caused by water. Waterproofing your home—especially in our climate—should be the first essential step you take in protecting it.

Bird excrement

3. Bird excrement

That’s right! Our flighty friends may be pretty, but their droppings could be causing harm to your home. What many people may not realise (or even think about, for that matter) is that bird droppings are acidic, and can therefore gradually eat away at your home’s paint, in addition to being quite unpleasant to look at. In order to keep this from occurring, don’t encourage birds to your garden with feeders and be sure to cover and shield your home with a quality, exterior paint.

4. Dirt

A little dirt never hurt anyone, right? Wrong. Small particles act as sandpaper to your outer walls, slowly eroding paint and stone. Additionally, dirt that is left sitting can breed moisture, which can cause mould and mildew to grow and spread outside (and inside!) your home. Be sure to pave driveways and walkways in order to lessen the spread of dirt, and wash & dry outer areas where patches of grime can be seen. The same goes for salt, which some people use to dissolve treacherous ice around their homes in the wintertime. Did you know Sandtex have developed a clear, silicone based brickwork protector?

5. The sun

Ahhhh, the ever-illusive sunshine. Though to us it’s always a joy to see it come out, your exteriors don’t feel the same. Ireland doesn’t usually have to deal with soaring temperatures, but the gradual effect of UV rays can cause areas of your house to dry out, crack, and fall. In fact, Mr. Sun is one of the main sources of long-term roof damage. Stave off the nasty effects of this offender by shielding your home with a quality protector and regularly checking for corrosion so that prompt repairs can be made.

You want a long-lasting home and the professionals at Sandtex are here to help make that happen! The protection of your exteriors is our top priority and the above recommendations will assist in maintaining a strong home for you and your family. For even more expert advice, stop into your local Sandtex stockist or visit us on the web.

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