Elevate your exteriors with Sandtex masonry paint

With spring here and the weather slowly getting warmer and sunnier, it’s a fantastic time to start planning your exterior projects for 2023. If painting your home is on your to-do list, we’ve got you covered. You’re sure to find whatever you need within our range of exterior products, and our quality formulations are guaranteed to keep your home protected and beautified for years and years to come.

Below, we’ll cover some of our favourite shades in our exterior masonry paint. Read on to find out why we love this special formulation, and which colours we’re embracing for the season ahead!

Why choose Sandtex masonry paint? 

Sandtex® Microseal® masonry paint is a microporous formulation, offering sealing attributes that protect the coating against water ingress. This means that the coating allows the surface to breathe and moisture to evaporate whilst at the same time protecting the coated surface from water penetration.

This advanced coating protects over an extended period of time against mould and algae growth, and its dirt resistant properties also help keep your masonry healthier and more beautiful, for longer. Plus, this product is rainproof in just one hour, so you can finish the job even if the weather is unreliable.

This special formulation is available off the shelf in a variety of beautiful colours, or you can use our Colourmix service to choose from 30,000 shades to find your perfect match.


Masonry Colours We Love

Black: Timeless and chic, the colour black will really make a statement when used for your exterior walls. Pair with black trim for a contemporary, monochromatic look, or opt for a crisp white trim for a high-contrast classic look.


Bitter Chocolate: As you may have heard, browns are back in a big way and they’re not going anywhere soon. Our shade ‘Bitter Chocolate’ is a beautiful dark brown that will help exteriors look perfectly put together and stylish. This shade is wonderful for when you’d like a dark, commanding colour for your home but you don’t feel like taking the plunge with Black.


Mid Stone: Earthy and understated, this mid-toned grey-brown shade will work well on any house, and blend in beautifully with the surrounding Irish landscape. It’s not too warm, not too cold, and it’s not too dark, or too light. It’s a win-win from us, and we’re sure your walls will agree!


Cornish cream: For a classic look with beautiful warmth, we recommend our shade ‘Cornish Cream.’ This colour is ideal for those who like understated, neutral exterior colours but want something with a bit more pizzazz than a simple white. Cornish Cream will brighten and warm your exteriors, and look absolutely fantastic will virtually any trim colour.


Brick Red: Calling to mind sun-baked earth and terracotta clay, our shade Brick Red knows how to wow. This burnt red shade is ideal for those who want something striking for their walls. Combining red and brown beautifully, ‘Brick Red’ makes an impact without being overpowering.


Are you ready to rejuvenate your exterior walls? Call into your local Sandtex stockist for everything you need to enliven your exteriors this spring!


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