Trending: Black accents for your exteriors

Black accents have been a growing trend in home design, particularly when it comes to exteriors. The colour black has long been associated with elegance, sophistication, and power. In home design, black is often used to create a range of moods and styles, from contemporary and chic to rustic and traditional. We especially love black when used as an accent colour for exteriors to lend a sleek and modern look to the home. Below, we’ll cover some of our top tips for incorporating black into your exteriors.

1. Choose black for your front door: If you’re ready to make a bolder statement, consider painting your front door black. A black front door can create a striking contrast against lighter exteriors and will add elegance and sophistication to your home’s entryway, and overall exterior look. Our range of quality wood paints will help beautify and protect your door from even the harshest elements, for years to come. For an ultra-sleek sophisticated finish, opt for Sandtex’s range of low-sheen 10 Year Exterior Satin solvent based paints for exterior wood and metal work.


2. Opt for black accessories: Incorporate black accents into your home’s exterior by focusing on the details. If you want to get this trending look but don’t want to make too large of a change, start small by choosing black hardware for your exteriors. For example, a bold black knob and door knocker will welcome visitors in style, while black house numbers and light fixtures will help define the entryway and add dimension with a subtle yet powerful impact.


3. Paint your walls black: Ready to take the plunge and go black with your exterior walls? We say go for it! This colour will have a dramatic impact on the look of your exteriors while remaining a neutral backdrop for your surroundings. Black walls, or black feature walls, give a sense of depth and dimension, and—when used strategically—can wonderfully highlight the architectural features of a home. Black can also lead to energy savings by helping to absorb heat during the day and retaining warmth at night. We recommend Microseal Smooth Masonry paint for your exterior masonry walls. The advanced ‘microseal’ coating protects over an extended period against mould and algae growth. Its dirt resistant properties also help to maintain the coating’s aesthetic features, and with the benefit of being rainproof in just 1 hour, you can complete the job even if the weather forecast is not reliable.


4. Add black trim: Black trim will help define the lines of your home’s exterior, highlighting the shapes and structures that make it unique while also adding a modern touch. We recommend experimenting with black trim around your windows, doors, or along the roofline for a distinguished statement. Our range of wood and metal paints make the perfect option for your exterior trim.


5. Use black in your outdoor furniture: If you have an outdoor living space, opt for black furniture and/or accessories to create a stylish outdoor oasis. Black wicker, wood, and metal patio furniture will blend in beautifully with any design style, will help define your outdoor space, and will tie in seamlessly with other black accents you may be incorporating around the home.


6. Tie black into your landscaping: Did you know that black can also be incorporated into your home’s landscaping? Opt for black mulch, dark stones, or black planters to complement the black found around the rest of your exteriors and help add definition and dimension to your landscaping.


Using black accents in your exteriors will bring a modern and sophisticated look to your home. Whether you choose to go bold with black walls or more subtle with black accessories, incorporating black into your exteriors is sure to turn heads. Call into your local Sandtex stockist for everything you need for your next project.

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