Your end-of-summer exterior checklist

With the summer drawing to a close, it’s the perfect time to prepare your home for the autumn transition. The end of the season provides a great opportunity to evaluate your exteriors, and complete any repairs or updates that will be much easier to make while the weather’s still warm. Here, you’ll find a handy end-of-summer checklist covering some of the most important steps.

Give your house a fresh coat of paint

Now, when it’s warm and relatively dry, it’s a good time to paint your home and ensure it’s looking rejuvenated for the seasons ahead. Make sure you choose a high-quality, multi-tasking paint that will provide vital protection from the elements for years to come. Sandtex Masonry Paints are dirt resistant, breathable and waterproof and use “microseal” technology to give unbeatable results.


Clean the chimney

Your chimney should be cleaned at least once a year to ensure it’s secure, free from deposits, and adheres to all other fire safety regulations. You’ll likely be using your fireplace (and therefore your chimney) much more during the cooler months, so it’s crucial that it’s operating exactly as it should be. If you’re chimney isn’t properly maintained you risk fire, harmful fumes, and potentially dangerous sediment build up.


Prepare your deck for cooler weather

We encourage you to make the most of your deck regardless of the season, and some things should be done at the end of summer to ensure the longevity of your outdoor area. Decks should be cleared of any furnishings you won’t be needing, sweep the area, wash your deck with a pressure washer, and apply a sealant/protectant to shield it from water ingress (which can cause rot and mould, among other things).


Clean your bins

It’s not surprise that your bins get quite a lot of wear and tear over the months. Still, dirty bins could end up causing issues if they start to smell and attract unwanted insects and rodents. We suggest giving your bins a good clean at least once every 3 months. Just spray them down with the garden hose and some soapy water! It’s great to start a new season with clean bins.


Inspect your roof and walls for damage

When small issues go unchecked for long enough they have the tendency to turn into much larger issues. Help stop this from happening by doing regular checks of your exterior walls and roofing to identify potential problems as soon as possible so that you can rectify the situation. Many cracks and holes can be fixed with the help of our Ready-Mixed Masonry Filler.

Prepare for Autumn with Sandtex

The above tips should help start you in the right direction when it comes to readying your exteriors for autumn. Call into your local Sandtex Stockist or visit us on the web for more inspiration and products to ensure your home is always at the top of its game!

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